Christian Life

A New Journey

Welcome to the Uncovering the Beauty Within (UBW) blog. This is a journey of faith and grace. I invite you to join me and make this an engaging conversation. First, though, let me tell you, in brief, how this developed.

On New Year’s Eve 2017, I was out in my yard clearing out just some of the enormous amount of ivy, as the arborist told me that it will eventually strangle the life out of my trees. I suppose it must be between 12 and 15′ up one of the trees at this time. I really think it looks lovely but of course don’t want my trees to suffer and die. As I was cutting and pulling this plant to allow my gate to swing properly, I had several discoveries. There is lattice that had been completely hidden away at the top of the fencing next to and supporting the gate. The same was true of some gorgeous stepping stones. They were covered by dirt displaced by the ivy. Then there is the amazing rock I knew was covered, but a second one? Yes, a second one had such overgrowth that it’s presence had been unknown to me.

As I pulled section after section out by the roots, I realized that I had to be careful of my footing. I thought it was all solid, albeit, clearly a bit of a slope. Everything in the general appearance led me to that conclusion; but I was very wrong. In fact, the earth underneath the ivy is so malleable that it quickly shifted under my feet. I saw that the ivy had even developed such residence on the tree that its stems now appear as the bark of the tree itself, with the little stickers that allow the clinging still in place. There was an engrafting occurring.

The Lord spoke to me that this is just how insidious sin is in our lives. We think it looks lovely. We think it’s cute, fun, small, nothing to worry about of course. But not only did the Lord show me how sin covers my real beauty and yours; He showed me just how deceptive it is insofar as what a strangle hold it has when we allow it to take root in our lives. Some of the portions of ivy, as I pulled, took me 4 to 5′ away from where I grabbed on to pluck. As I kept picking up more and more in my hands, I found I was not even walking in a straight line. Sin isn’t content to stay in the place we planted it. It’s roots and shoots fan out and having us going here and there, running around everywhere until we get serious about abatement. Some of these seemingly endless roots were even grounded under the rocks. (That’s fodder for another blog.)

We are the Pearl of Great Price the Lord speaks of in Matthew 13:45-46. We shouldn’t be entangled by the sin that is so ready to do just that (Hebrews 12:1).

I am a communicator and believe I’ve been tasked with such in this segment of life. Most importantly, though, I’m a daughter of the King Most High.

Would you join me in this prayer of dedication to Him? Dear Father in Heaven, Lord of All, may You anoint this blog and all conversations borne of it for eternal, kingdom purposes? And if any are still journeying to find You, may they today confess their sin to You in Jesus’ name and ask for Your salvation and for Jesus to rule and reign in their hearts and lives.

Thanks for being a friend and early adopter of this blog’s presence.

I look forward to our conversations on this journey!


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