Expansion of the Old…

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been blogging very much recently. That is because the Lord has been speaking to me about expansion. If you log directly onto my website UTBW. Blog, you will now see that it is under a metamorphosis of being transformed into an e-commerce site and has a tab where the blogs reside. In God’s timing there will be revealed a logo as well as some products that we can use to outwardly show our beliefs as Christians. Eventually, the books that the Lord will be having me release will also be connected for purchase on the website.

Please pray with me friends, that the Lord’s purposes be manifest in His way at His time. Also please pray for strength, protection and divine connections. I pray the same for each of you.

God’s face is ready to shine upon you today! Do you believe it and receive it? I do.

God’s blessings be upon you this very moment.

Christian Life, Compassion, love

Vision Obscured

He saw her the way God does. She saw him the way God does. Hopes, dreams, aspirations…

But, he never saw himself the way God does. And she never saw herself the way God does. So, there were years of pain and heartache, wanting to walk out from behind the walls but feeling paralyzed.

Without God goggles, they would never get it together.

But, one day, they cried out in desperation for new eyes, new visions, to replace the distortions of self that caused the pushing away of the most precious gift.

The walls disappeared and love reigned supreme. Healed hearts, united at last.