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He Tried to Take My Breath Away

Just over a week ago during worship service, the Holy Spirit spoke a revelation to me. During the song, Reckless Love, by Cory Asbury, right after the line that says, “before I took a breath you breathed Your life in me,” I got absolute clarity.

At that moment, I flashed back to the stories surrounding my birth. You see I was about 3 weeks overdue and they kept trying to send my mother home telling her it wasn’t time to deliver yet. She finally insisted and they began the process to deliver me. During this time, they came out and asked my Father which one he wanted saved as they thought they could only help one of us survive. You see they found that not only had the umbilical cord become gangrenous and that I had not had nourishment in a couple of days and that I was jaundiced but also that there was fecal matter in one of my lungs, affecting my breathing.

If we don’t have breath, clearly we don’t have life. God is the very source of our breath from the womb forward into each day that we are on this plain. Satan, who does the opposite of everything good, righteous and godly tried to take my very life’s breath away.

While I’ve known this story most of my life, in that moment it became so clear the opposing forces that are always at play in my life, in our lives. Whatever God gives, Satan tries to counter, attack, steal or in some cases mimic to fool the undiscerning.

He couldn’t win that day because God was just beginning the journey He has for me here on Earth. He couldn’t take my mother’s life either, praise God! God wasn’t finished with her here either. You see, God always gives us good gifts. He has the final say! Praise His Name!

God will hear your faintest heart’s cry if you call out to Him in whatever way you can. So let me tell you the rest of the story. The church that my family was attending had another congregation associated with it, one made up of the deaf community in and around Norwalk, California. They couldn’t cry out in many cases with a voice, as many of them did not utter any audible sounds. But God heard them!

The other night as has happened to me several times in my life, during the night season, I was having what one might call a nightmare. What it actually was, was a demonic attack attempted to silence me. This presence was there, on top of me, holding me down and I was trying to call out, no scream out, “Jesus”. At first, it wouldn’t come out. It was an internal calling and crying out that I did repeatedly. He heard my anguished call for help until finally I was able to utter His mighty name out loud. At that moment, the demonic attack stopped and I awoke.

What are you facing today that seems to overwhelm you and keep you from realizing the treasure that you are and how ready Your Creator is to step in and love you?

Please be encouraged to call out to Him and to reach out to Godly friends for proper counsel. He loves you! He lends you His breath every moment, every day.

Christian Life

Victory in the Battle

You can be certain that you will win when you begin the battle in worship. One reference would be II Chronicles 20:18-29. When you focus on who God is, the grip of the enemy on your life loosens. Philippians 4:8 tells us what we should focus our minds on. If you are experiencing a trial and feel like you are in the battle of your life, please be encouraged to lift up the banner of praise to the Lord and move into deep worship as His Spirit and yours join.

One of the ways to begin is to just start saying the names of the Lord and what attributes they denote. I think we can get so hung up on trying to please the Lord and say things just right that we get robbed of this precious level of intimacy and powerful tool that He has placed in our hands or more accurately in our mouths.

When you focus on how big God is, you really start getting perspective on how powerful He is to intervene, make a way and save you just in time.

When you begin to know who you are in Him, you become a more worshipful being because you become so grateful and fall so deeply in love.

When you realize that the Creator of the Universe is looking directly into your eyes and holding your heart while planning only good things for you, it is easier to worship.

But getting back to the battle, tough times happen. However, the more that you offer up your worship, the quicker you will choke out the influence that the enemy has. You will also see perspective as to what you have learned from the battle and the gift that it has been. Even things that the Lord does not send, He can use!

The Word says that the power of life and death is in the tongue. That means that our words have the ability to create. So, why not work in concert with the Holy Spirit on your behalf through worship and see things start to come alive including long dreamed dreams that you thought would never be manifest? By the same token, be not surprised if you are speaking negatively that you are prolonging the pain and actually giving materials to the enemy and his camp so that they can thwart those dreams that God has put in you.

Speak life. Worship, even when you want to wail in pain. Call those things that are not as though they are, as the Word tells us to. And be encouraged, Worshiper!!!