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Do Your Memories Eclipse Your Dreams?

Good morning, Dear Friends! What a beautiful morning it is. In Psalm 56 I was encouraged that God is for us and we should not fear man because man cannot do anything to us that will separate us from God’s love. Even when the enemy is breathing down our necks, we can call out to Abba “Daddy” God and He hears and answers. David wrote this Psalm when he was seized by the Philistines in Gath, not from the rooftop of the King’s Palace.

I also read a blog by Hazel Staub that quoted a portion of Psalm 118 which again affirms that God is in control and we need not fear man. (If you don’t follow Hazel’s blog, Pure Glory, please check it out. It is tremendously encouraging!)

Then I went to my journal to see what reflections were there and I saw an entry from March 30th of this year wherein I paraphrased some words from Dr. Jesse Duplantis. He reminds us that if our memories are bigger than our dreams, we are in a danger zone and that the only one who can destroy us, is us.

If David had only focused on his current problems or the times he was besieged in the past, he would have lost all direction, purpose and hope. But by reminding not only himself but also declaring out loud (I believe) and in writing to God Almighty that he can, should and will trust in Him, Psalm 54 is actually a very hopeful and forward thinking passage to me. He cries to the God who is his Help and declares that he (David) is connected to Him through vows and because God has already redeemed his from death.

I challenge myself and you today to set our minds on things above, as the Word tells us to do. Don’t look in the rearview mirror or you will, in fact, crash into the brick wall in front of you. Yes, praise Him for His mighty miracles of deliverance in the past, but don’t forget where God is taking you!

What does He plan for your future? Check out Jeremiah 29:11….Oh, but don’t stop there. Read on to verse 14. Seek Him for direction, then point your nose and go until He changes your course.

God bless you!

Christian Life

He Tried to Take My Breath Away

Just over a week ago during worship service, the Holy Spirit spoke a revelation to me. During the song, Reckless Love, by Cory Asbury, right after the line that says, “before I took a breath you breathed Your life in me,” I got absolute clarity.

At that moment, I flashed back to the stories surrounding my birth. You see I was about 3 weeks overdue and they kept trying to send my mother home telling her it wasn’t time to deliver yet. She finally insisted and they began the process to deliver me. During this time, they came out and asked my Father which one he wanted saved as they thought they could only help one of us survive. You see they found that not only had the umbilical cord become gangrenous and that I had not had nourishment in a couple of days and that I was jaundiced but also that there was fecal matter in one of my lungs, affecting my breathing.

If we don’t have breath, clearly we don’t have life. God is the very source of our breath from the womb forward into each day that we are on this plain. Satan, who does the opposite of everything good, righteous and godly tried to take my very life’s breath away.

While I’ve known this story most of my life, in that moment it became so clear the opposing forces that are always at play in my life, in our lives. Whatever God gives, Satan tries to counter, attack, steal or in some cases mimic to fool the undiscerning.

He couldn’t win that day because God was just beginning the journey He has for me here on Earth. He couldn’t take my mother’s life either, praise God! God wasn’t finished with her here either. You see, God always gives us good gifts. He has the final say! Praise His Name!

God will hear your faintest heart’s cry if you call out to Him in whatever way you can. So let me tell you the rest of the story. The church that my family was attending had another congregation associated with it, one made up of the deaf community in and around Norwalk, California. They couldn’t cry out in many cases with a voice, as many of them did not utter any audible sounds. But God heard them!

The other night as has happened to me several times in my life, during the night season, I was having what one might call a nightmare. What it actually was, was a demonic attack attempted to silence me. This presence was there, on top of me, holding me down and I was trying to call out, no scream out, “Jesus”. At first, it wouldn’t come out. It was an internal calling and crying out that I did repeatedly. He heard my anguished call for help until finally I was able to utter His mighty name out loud. At that moment, the demonic attack stopped and I awoke.

What are you facing today that seems to overwhelm you and keep you from realizing the treasure that you are and how ready Your Creator is to step in and love you?

Please be encouraged to call out to Him and to reach out to Godly friends for proper counsel. He loves you! He lends you His breath every moment, every day.