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Guess Who’s Turning 50? No, It’s Not Me.

Quick, flash back to 1969, if you are able. I wasn’t here until a few years later; but I wanted to acknowledge milestones, things that shaped so many of our lives and our culture in both positive and in some cases negative ways.

Sesame Street and Scooby Doo are turning 50 this year. How many of us watched one or both of these casts of characters? I did, to be sure. Big Bird reminded us to be kind and share as did so many human and muppet cast members on the show. They tried to make Oscar see the value in kindness, Cookie Monster the value in sharing and so on. Scooby Doo seemed fun as the gang sleuthed out who was behind the mask. I’ve been known as a huge fan of the show for decades now. But as I’ve gotten older, I see how my Aunt’s opinion of the show was wise. They are cute characters; and it was great that good always won. But now I see that it was a way for witchcraft to be made into something that seemed innocuous or palatable, kind of like Woodstock was just a great music festival…not at all. It was a gateway for mind-altering drug use and rampant sexual encounters.

Oh come on, Kristiann, it was just young people being young and experimenting. No, my friend, not so. When you open your mind in such ways, you are not in control and have truly opened a portal into the spiritual realm. How do you know what spirit might want to experiment with you? What about the reality that every time you have a sexual encounter, your soul and that of your partner connect? It isn’t simply a physical act. We are not animals, contrary to what many would like us to believe. We are, each one, knit together by God Almighty for relationship with Him, to glorify Him and to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.

But sometimes good things come with age (and intentionality). We can gain wisdom, perspective and become more thoughtful about our life choices. Relationships can grow stronger. Our priorities can be re-ordered for the better. I challenge myself and each you to live intentionally, thinking of the repercussions of our actions and to embrace the gift of Life.



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