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Hey, Jude

You were thinking of the Beatles or the new movie, Yesterday about their music, were you? Well that’s alright. However, I’m thinking of the one chapter book written by the flesh brother of Jesus Christ. Jude (Judah) was the son of both Mary and Joseph and grew up in the same home as Jesus. He crammed several sermon-worthy, provocative items to encourage, challenge and caution us in this short book or letter.  Who knows, this may end up being a multi-part blog.

First of all, let’s talk humility. He doesn’t note that he is Jesus’ brother. He states that he is the “loving servant” of Jesus and “brother of James”. He doesn’t boast of his credentials, family line or connections. He knew his rightful place as a servant of the Most High. He recognized his status and did so with a glad heart.

He wanted to luxuriate and revel with his spiritual brothers and sisters in the tremendous, eternity-altering gift of salvation. However, he was evidently a man well aware of the season in which he and others found themselves, one that just like today, caused him to send out a rallying cry to defend and contend for the faith. Beyond the blatant slaughter of our brothers and sisters in multiple nations at this very point in time, we who have enjoyed so much freedom in the United States of America are now frequently banned or our posts are filtered out of searches on YouTube and Facebook. And in a just obtained memo from the FBI written in May, they are saying that if we believe several things that they call conspiracy theories, we may be threats. Now, I know the latter doesn’t equate to our Christian faith so directly and succinctly. However, many thinking persons who are first and foremost Christians, hold certain beliefs based of evidences both overt in this physical realm and covert in the spiritual realm (based upon our understanding of the principalities and powers of darkness in this present age who are fueled and fooled by the prince and power of the air, Satan). We understand that there is a larger plan afoot right now that would silence anyone speaking for morality, life, true liberty, out of absolute love and selflessness. Many of us are Christians.

Yes, several brothers and sisters have had to rely on their own websites or other platforms to continue getting important messages out to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. But even those will be taken off-line at some juncture. Friends, evil is never content to play on it’s side of the street. Rather, it spreads like wildfire and overtakes those unaware before they can awaken. Now is the time to ask the Holy Spirit of God to rouse you from your slumber. Pray for God to show you where you need to grow in your understanding and that He give you vigor and perseverance. This is not for the faint-hearted. Read the full counsel of the Holy Bible.

Church, wake up. Stop playing ostrich. When it all comes to your door and they say, if you believe in Jesus, we will take you to an internment camp (look up that definition – it’s sobering) or we will drop you right here, when they say, you and your children will starve to death if you don’t become one of us, taking the unchangeable marking of/union with the Beast, do you have the boldness to say, “I am ready to live or die for my Savior” and that “God is God above all gods and He SHALL SUPPLY ALL of my needs through the glorious riches in Christ Jesus”? I pray He grant me that strength. Remember, dearly loved friends, that your kids belong first to the Father who shared them with you, same is true of your spouse, mother, father, sister, brother and friend. He is more than able to equip each one of us…but are you/we willing?

Enjoy the blessings; but please don’t be seduced by them.

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