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Keys to Which Kingdom

I wonder how many of us are giving up our power, the keys to freedom through the choice we make of what we say every day.

I gave up my power and gave up my keys to the enemy for so many years without knowing it. The Bible is so clear that the power of life and death is in the tongue. But what does that really mean?

For any of you who have been hurt by domestic violence, it is so painful and can seem absolutely to stop you in your tracks. You want justice maybe. Perhaps you just want people to sympathize, empathize or console you in some way. Perhaps you are so filled with bitterness in your soul and it just spills out. I say this from an understanding perspective since I have been there, not from the seat of judgment.

Even if you haven’t experienced domestic violence, it is so common in our culture to talk all about our problems and issues when were sitting with the hairdresser or chatting with our friends at the mall or over a cup of coffee.

What I did not understand until the last year or so was the truth of scripture in relation to the tongue. Finally, I was in a place where the Holy Ghost could reveal to me that I needed to be quiet and stop seeking my own form of justice and rallying the troops so to speak. Because, in actuality, when I was recounting things that had occurred, I was actually handing Keys over in the form of my words so the enemy and allowing him creative space in my day-to-day realities and experiences. He was all too happy for so many years to take those keys, push me into the prison cell and lock the door behind me.

Since changing the way I behave / speak, I have taken the keys out of his hand and relinquish them to my Dear Lord, who only has good plans for me.

During this year or so, maybe even closer to two years, I have seen the Lord turning circumstances around that I never thought possible and doing things that I don’t know I ever even imagined. I have further learned the connection between spiritual health and physical health.

Just about two months ago, the Lord granted me a request I have been praying for for so many years. In brief, I became very ill 26 years ago next February and 21 years ago had my colon removed in its entirety and my intestines reconstructed to avoid living with an ostomy. In October, the 21st to be exact, I actually felt the Lord doing surgery on me after I received a prophetic word earlier that day. He has given me a new colon. You can read more about my journey in my upcoming book.

As long as I continued in the muck and the mire and giving the keys over to the enemy, I was limiting the Lord’s ability to work in my life; because God has given us the power to create with our words. My way of trying to get justice and fill my need for comfort, actually prevented me from health and connection to the True Comforter on a deeper level that is necessary for peace, health and growth.

I hope this testimony and word helps you to take back the keys and allow the Lord to unlock your emotional prison cell.

Blessings, my brothers and sisters, for now and as we walk and speak life into 2019.

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As I compose this, the thunder rolls outside my window reminding me of the eternal battle between good and evil that affects our daily lives.

So much damage can be done when we give into selfishness or are the recipients of someone else doing just that. The Lord brought to my mind the concept of restoration which has been the theme of quite a few sermons I have heard over the last year or so and so came the concept of selfishness as well as the concepts of selflessness and healing.

I’ve come to realize that restoration does not mean that God will put us back in relationships that we dread with people who are still not healed. Part of what it means, is that he will restore us to the point that the cracks in our hearts are removed. He can make everything new as though it was never broken or scarred.

I had a very good conversation with a very dear person recently. It is a relationship that has undergone some restoration for which I have prayed in various ways over time. It can be so tempting to pray a particular result with respect to how we relate with another individual or group of individuals. However, when we begin praying that God changes us and that God heal the other party or parties involved without dogmatic agenda as to the end result of the relationship here on Earth, God can do so much more than we can ask or imagine even in our wildest dreams.

In the conversation I had, I saw skepticism replaced with faith and a warm heart shown willingly after it had been hidden so deeply for many reasons for many years.

I believe this is a season of restoration where what is broken in you can be healed and made as though it never happened.

God is waiting to hear you cry out to Him.

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Blinded by the Light

We are in a very interesting time in our history on this planet. I’ve been pondering the wheat and the tares growing up together. I’ve also been doing some research into why people would believe certain things, what the foundation of various beliefs are.

I thought that satanists and luciferians were the same thing. I was wrong. Now don’t get me wrong, all of these other roads ultimately lead to worship of satan himself because they are all set apart from the truth which is Christ Jesus Our Lord. So whatever name they give to their god or higher power, it is actually satan.

But I just wasn’t understanding why so many people would choose satan knowingly.

Here’s how Wikipedia defines luciferianism: “Luciferianism is a belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to Lucifer. The tradition, influenced by Gnosticism, usually reveres Lucifer not as the devil, but as a liberator, a guardian or guiding spirit, or even the true god as opposed to Jehovah.

It made more sense to me when I saw this definition. I see how so many can be blinded by the light, the light that defined lucifer. His name means angel of light or light bearer. And the Bible says that he can come in such a form even now.

Deception is the foundation of the game that he plays with humanity. So, many of these people, I believe, honestly think they are serving a righteous being meant for the betterment of all.

Are we reflecting the True Light of the World, Jesus Christ? Are we different in the way we live our lives? Are we the salt that makes them thirsty and open to taking a drink, the kind of drink where they will never thirst again?

Something to ponder, my dear friends.