Christian Life

The Original Bully

Just like one of my cats in the photo thinks she’s slick, hiding and ready to pounce on a passerby, so is the original bully, the devil.

He reminds me of practitioner of domestic violence, who will seem nice and appear light and carefree until you don’t go along with his or her plan. Then that person begins to spew venom and may attack through other means as well.

So too, the devil, seems like he’s rewarding those who go along with all of his schemes and plans in this world. But their day will come when they will see who he truly is in the end. Those of us who take a stand now, know all too well of the fiery darts he shoots our way.

He doesn’t have devices that we are ignorant of, says the Bible. If we stay close to our Older Brother, Jesus Christ, and put on the full armor of God, the Word is clear that we can withstand every attack (Ephesians 6, beginning in verse 10).

God is not willing that any of us, His precious creation made in His image, should perish but come to eternal life through Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son (John 3:16) that came and was sacrificed on our behalf, to wash away the stain of our sin and remove the chasm between us. So, run into the cleft of The Rock and be saved from the bully who would love nothing more than to drag you into hell along with him where you will never see your Heavenly Father again.

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