Christian Life

The Gift of Discontentment

So here’s something to think about, the gift of discontentment. That may seem strange especially in light of what the scriptures tell us, insofar as we are to be content in whatever state we find ourselves. However, what I am talking about is what begins when we are getting ready to be birthed into a new season of life and ministry.

When you get that unction and know that you can’t be still much longer, that’s what I’m talking about. It’s like your own spirit is lit on fire by the Holy Spirit and you know you can’t stay the same much longer and fulfill your destiny.

I know that many of us may find ourselves in this place. May we pray for guidance, humility and direction from the Lord. In fact, here’s a prayer inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Father, in the name of Jesus, guide and guard my steps. Get me off of the enemy’s frequency, I pray. Loose my tongue to speak only what you would say. Enliven my ears to hear only what you speak and the cry of those that I need to run to in order to lead them out of captivity by following the leading of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, direct every part of every path and make the crooked places straight today. Amen.

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