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Thanks, Eastwood and Froggie

Bullying is a hot topic today. I dare to say that many of us have gone through some experience or maybe multiple of such that could be called bullying, humiliating, perhaps even evil. Of course mistreating anyone is at the core influenced by evil. But, let us remember that if we are His, God works even the darkest, most vile circumstances for our good.

So, I was thinking that I wanted to say thank you, in a way, to Eastwood and Froggie (not their real names of course – but whose real names and faces I still recall with utter clarity) from junior high and high school days. I transferred into public school for the first time in sixth grade, a traumatic experience in it’s own right. In seventh grade I had an alleged friend turn into an enemy who I had to face everyday. One day, I even got off at a different bus stop, just to feel safe. My bus driver, Donna (yes, that is her real name), also watched out for me.

Enter Eastwood…One day while walking across the grassy area after what I’m sure was another lonely and hideous lunch, waiting to get back to my own room in my own home, I feel this thing in the back of my tank top. Any guesses as to what it was? I bet you think something along the lines of a frog, lizard or water balloon….but I shouldn’t assume. No, it wasn’t any of those items but it was something filled with water, a condom. I turn around and there is Eastwood and some other boys laughing as I quickly remove and chuck the item. More about junior high I could tell; but that’s enough of that.

Moving on to high school…Driver’s Education classroom training…enter Froggie. Froggie was cute with his curly dark hair and overall features. He sat in the row next to me and would stare at me. Sure, yes, maybe he liked me but couldn’t admit it; but that doesn’t make it okay to mock one’s attire or physical attributes. I recall his monikers for me, “giraffe” and “chin” which he would call out to me not just in class but when passing by me around campus.

There are other incidents going back to Christian school days too; but really these are just a couple of instances to serve as a platform to say that God really does work things out for our good. After many hard times and struggles (brought on by self and others), I now have such freedom! Now, I don’t care what folks say about my clothes, hair, glasses, house or car. I remember, dear Dave Roever, a gorgeous Vietnam Veteran (look him up if you don’t know his story), who said, “Scars are a sign healing has taken place.”

Christ came to set the captives free. Freedom, from demons of torment, self-loathing, suicide, depression, homicide, being trapped by your own mind, I pray for you today. Move to peace in Jesus.

Jesus loves you so much, He experienced suffering so He could truly understand us. “He was a man of sorrows, bruised for our iniquities,” the Bible says and “tempted in all points…yet without sin”. He knows you better than you know yourself. Whether you are Eastwood or Froggie or someone being attacked and harassed, He shed His blood as a sacrifice, to save you and bring you into eternal peace with Him.

What are you gonna do about that?

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