Christian Life

Define Beauty

Can you?

Do you think it’s a smile, a certain compilation of facial features or a particular body type?

Women, do you feel that you can’t leave the house without your makeup or your hair styled just so?

Men, you may not use the word beautiful to describe yourself; so how do you define attractive or handsome?

Depending on our culture and our early imprints, we probably have different opinions about the externals that we would call attractive or beautiful.

The Word of God says that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he and that we need to constantly be renewing our minds. So if we entertain the world’s definitions and then meditate on them, that is what we will adopt and tout. It will inform how we see ourselves and those around us.

A couple of things I found beautiful today was a woman who does our janitorial service who came to work after losing her mother just a few short days ago and faithfully and humbly executed her duties and a security guard who takes everyone’s safety seriously and worked a 24-hour shift over the weekend.

I find crooked smiles with missing teeth and people shuffling along doing the best they can beautiful. The same is true of me for people who are struggling to overcome their obstacles and fighting literal and figurative demons, showing such strength that it is amazing to watch and in some cases have the privilege to take part in the journey even for a moment in time.

All glory to God, as He is the one Who enables me to see people this way. If you’ve always thought this way, I admire the Christ in you. For some of us it takes more bumps in our own road before we allow the Lord to give us His eyes.

If you are one of the dear ones battling something today, give yourself a break. The Lord sees Who You Are even if it’s not manifest yet in this realm. So rest in Him; and put your trust in him today. For you are indeed a true beauty!

Blessings, My Friends.