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All or Nothing

Ever want to be perfect? Do you ever find yourself thinking that all you do is never enough?

While pondering and silently chatting with the Lord today, He let me know that what was getting in the way was an all-or-nothing mentality. Regardless of the issue, if we have our eyes and expectations incorrectly focused and high to the being unreasonable, we will be robbed of joy and peace.

While listening to a message from Kevin Zadai tonight on social media about the protection found in prayer, I was able to find healing and perspective. Part of what he was highlighting was Psalm 91 where the Lord lets us know of his awesome and mighty protections over us when we make him our refuge, focus and true source of hope.

This is a short post just to encourage you to keep pursuing healing and Love, (which is really who God is and where all true love emanates from to us) and to never let anything that the enemy throws at you steal your joy, your time, your peace, your soundness of mind, your money, your health, or your family/relationships.

Stay strong by standing in the Lord, in His mighty power and remaining free of the burden of trying to make things happen in your own strength and/or in your own time.

God truly blesses His dearly loved children.


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