Christian Life


Merriam-Webster’s primary definition states that inspiration is, in part, “a divine influence … on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.” In a Google search, the secondary definition is, “the drawing in of breath, inhalation.”

What inspires you? Do you get your creative juices flowing by engaging with the outside world, writing, thinking over a cup of joe in the stillness of morning? Are you a fire or water person? What season wakes you up? Which one soothes the cellular level of your being? What is locked in your vault that you can’t wait to share with the world? Identify your vault key.

My passions are written and verbal communication. My daughter tells me I’m funny. I’m by nature an introvert, but am told I hide it well. I’m truly at home in front of a crowd to speak about the Lord, the field of mental health, give my testimony or any number of other topics. I wave my hands and arms about and contort my face to make people laugh and remember key elements of a story.

I am not naturally a morning person, although the blessed silence is appealing on a deep level to my introverted self. The fresh smell after a lovely deluge or a simple, short drizzle is very evocative to me of the one family vacation I recall to Washington state with my parents when I was yet to begin school. Happy occasions of other types followed in other rains, limited ones, in Southern California. Warmth of fire is soothing and sends me down various memory lane rabbit trails, rather remembering my grandfather building great blazes in their brick fireplace or a few beach bonfires, singing songs and roasting hotdogs with my cousins’ youth group when times weren’t truly simpler for us all, but had the façade of such.

What is the key to my vault? Passion. Mmmmm, passion for what makes us similar enough to communicate and relate in a way that if you and I are in a private conversation, we both feel heard and understood and for discovering what makes you unique. I want to understand you through the stories your eyes, worry lines, words, bent over, slow walk can tell me.  What pain have you seen? What joys do we share? How does my weakness allow you to come alongside of me and be a strengthening force and vice versa?

I’d love to hear from you today!

God guide your footsteps as you surrender to His plan of blessing, provision and grace customized just for you.