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It’ll Grow

Another lesson from the garden…

In watching everything growing in my yard now that it’s spring, I am fighting weeds trying to find time to mow the lawn and prune the different plants I want to maintain. In my frustration, while abating various items in my yard and talking with the Lord, He shared with me something that is obvious; but it hit me like a ton of bricks.

In the same garden will grow roses, cucumbers or whatever it is you purposely seed and tend to. At the same time, what you never intended, the weeds, grow. They grow fast. They grow furiously. And sometimes they will choke out that which you most-wanted to cultivate.

Yes, fertile ground is fertile ground. Our minds are the same way. If we have keen fertile minds, we must tend to them deliberately and continually. Otherwise we will yield a dangerous crop of thoughts which leads to disastrous external consequences once they are given life through our behaviors.

I used to wonder why it was so easy for so many of us in youth group, when I was growing up in church, to get so excited and re-commit ourselves to the purposes God had for us to, in the same night, go out and make some very terrible choices. Now I understand.

All that takes is just the right conditions for growth to occur. Depending on the level of intentionality supplied, one will either have a life riddled with unintended or very much intended and desired crops. So…how can I be my best, intentional self? How will you be your best, intentional self today?

Christian Life

Tyranny of the To-Do List

I’ve been meditating on this word for several days now. One of my dear friends which the Lord has recently blessed me with, stated the above phrase to me. That was after I was sharing with her much of the frustrating moments of my week and how my weeks seem to be sort of like the movie Groundhog Day where the frustration can repeat.

It seems like oftentimes there’s the shoulds, the musts and the you’re not meeting expectations if you don’ts. So I really tried to set aside some time to go off of the grid of expectations. I am becoming not only disenchanted by our culture of extreme busyness and trying to impress others with such, but actually rather disturbed by it.

The more that I unplug from people and things that are energy draining, the more I walk in peace to the degree that I find it very noticeable on an internal level in even the mundane situations. I like some of the new choices that I am making. That is not to say that I don’t go out and do 2 or 3 hours of yard work and still feel as though I’ve not really made a dent. That’s not to say that I love certain tasks such as grocery shopping all of a sudden. I still do things that need to be done because they need to be done.

Yet last Saturday after working extremely hard for several hours, I took time for myself. I did something that I wanted to do simply because I knew I would feel relaxed and enjoy the opportunity. For me that was going to a nail salon. But at other times it could be simply staying home and watching a program of my choice.It doesn’t have to be something huge. Starting small is good enough.

Balance is not the easiest thing to achieve or maintain. Rather one is bent toward the lazy side of the spectrum or the workaholic side, they have opportunity to move toward the middle. So that’s simply what I’m doing. I just wanted to share this quick word and encourage you to find balance and treat yourself kindly today.

God bless!