Christian Life

John 14:27

Tonight, my Sis was relaying a story and something she said hit me right between the eyes and serves as a terrific reminder. What she said was, “If you know Jesus, you have no business being afraid.”

Several years ago while driving to a meeting, listening to Strong Enough by Matthew West on Christian radio and weeping, pretty much from my toes, the Lord spoke to me. What He said to me was, “I’m going to break every fear off of you. You’re not going to be afraid of anyone or anything.”

Today as I was trying to discern what I should do about a particular situation, I realized fear was trying to grip my heart and be the rudder of my ship. Oh how I thought the fear would have been broken off of me in total so long ago. Yet just this afternoon in talking with my Sis in a lunchtime chat, I remember discussing with her the definition of insanity when it came to how I was choosing to conduct myself in a new way in relation to a particular issue. For those of you unfamiliar, they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Sort of like going down the same street but thinking you’re going to get to a different destination I suppose.

When I feel the ground quaking and the enemy trying to shake me to my core, I’m remembering more quickly these days that God didn’t give us a suggestion that it would be really great to not fear but that He in fact tells us to fear not, which makes it a commandment.

So this whole conquering fear thing has been stage after stage, step after step over many years for me. I’ve had to picture the mouthpiece of the enemy as a tiny little mouse trapped in a glass case and remind myself how small and powerless he is. I’ve had to reminisce about a prayer time wherein a dear friend’s husband laid hands on my ears and prayed over me that I would only hear the voice of God. I’ve had to remember that the devil is a liar, in fact the father of lies and learn that he goes about as a roaring lion but that he is not in fact a fierce lion.

In fact he is simply one that mimics. For Christ is the Lion of Judah! He comes as an angel of light but after his fall when he defected from heaven, he is darkness at his core. Where he tries to accuse us, the Lord reminds us that when we are in Him we are not condemned but redeemed!

Look, the reality is that we are not to fear man or satan if we are redeemed. For greater is the Holy Spirit of God that resides in us than all the messy evil spirits that are roaming around on this planet.

So I challenge you and myself, that every time we hear that we are subject to any alleged authority that is not of God, to cast it down in the name of Christ and to remember that we have absolutely no business to walk around in fear or to be overwhelmed by evil. We are to overcome evil with good as the Scripture tells us. And yes darkness they have found does travel faster than light. But what does the Word say? We are lights, a city set on a hill. So shine that light and the darkness will flee.

In business I have heard so many people say a quote that I particularly dislike, which is, “Fake it till you make it.” I say, “Do it afraid” because if you do that, you are actually standing up to your fear and acknowledging the authority that you have in the power of Christ. Then you will not be overcome. You will be the overcomer! Romans 12:21

Also, check out Mosaic’s song, Tremble online.

God bless!

Christian Life


In Psalm 23, the Lord talks about preparing a table before us in the presence of our enemies. I once read a book that discussed from a shepherd’s perspective what that means. I’ve also many times heard an the general interpretation of a banquet table. In the former, as I recall from the shepherd’s writing, had to do with removing any dangers in a particular patch of ground where the sheep were preparing to go.

I find both interpretations rather fascinating. If we look at Christ who is the ultimate Shepherd, there are times that He clears away things that would entangle us and create tremendous pain. At other times, we may be tremendously blessed in front of our adversaries.

The most important to me is the overarching theme and mandate throughout Scripture that we are to remain at rest. Now I admit, that I am still in process when it comes to putting this into practice. See for me, I think of rest as being a period of extreme inactivity or even being asleep. But as I listen to ministers of the Gospel such as Neville Johnson and Dr. Bruce Allen, what I am currently embracing is the understanding of how My Soul and Spirit can remain fruitful and engaged while being at peace and trusting fully in the Lord regardless of whether or not he removes obstacles/adversaries or chooses to leave them in the periphery.

To be at rest means to trust that He has already won every battle and the entire war. It is understanding that God is outside of time and is absolutely limitless in his power and creativity as well as His love and provision.

I’ve been marveling while reading in II Samuel, David’s reaction to the death of Saul who doggedly pursued David’s life to take it from him. David actually avenged Saul’s death many times over as various persons thought they were doing David a service by killing this member or that of Saul’s family or Kingdom. Admittedly, I am in the process of pondering why David had such a reaction.

But what I do know according to the Bible, is that the Lord loves everyone and wishes none to perish but to accept Christ and spend eternity in Heaven with Him. I also know that God is merciful. Yet, none of this cancels the quality of Father God as a Just Judge.

Wherever you are and whatever you are facing, I can say with assurance that if you take your refuge in the Almighty, you can be at rest even when the storms rage around you and vengeful people seek to take your peace, your strength, your money, your family and maybe even your physical life.

Then you leave it up to God to determine what type of table He will prepare before you. He may remove the haters and accusers or He may not. We are not responsible to dictate the milemarkers or the end points of these trying life journeys. What He has asked of us is to trust Him because, as He says in Jeremiah 29:11, He has plans for a future and a hope for us and not for harm or destruction. He also tells us that His mercies are new every morning and that his grace is all-sufficient in addition to offering us humanly- unfathomable peace.

While we wait expectantly for deliverance knowing not what form it will take, I implore you to hold fast to your profession of faith as we are encouraged in the Scriptures to do. May you seek joy in the journey and cling to the Father ever so tightly as the storms rage on. For having done all to stand, and standing firm in the knowledge and Faith of Jesus Christ, you will come out of this trial refined as by fire, shining as gold.

Your kindness to others will not be forgotten. You are laying up Treasures for yourself in Heaven.

Many things that I have said here, are nearly direct quotes from The Holy Scriptures. Please go on a Scripture- reference treasure hunt and get to know the Word Who was made flesh and dwelt among us and Who is the Only One Who can save us from ourselves and our sinful state. And as you journey, remember to look up, for your Redemption nears, more quickly than you know.

May God bless you with rest today!