Christian Life

“Retire-no, inspire-yes”

Such were the words I received in a text message today from a dear friend who is embarking on a new frontier. My friend has had many careers and the opportunity to touch many lives. He has served as an inspiration to me and many others. As he is a very humble person, I will refrain from details of his selflessness. Yet I will use the exchange he and I had today as the basis for this blog.

I wonder what most people would consider to be fulfilling. Many of us may dream of retirement and have varied versions of what that would look like or should look like…I heard a minister say that Christians should never retire… We often see statistically that those who have been in high stress jobs will decease shortly after retiring for a combination of reasons which may include a lack of physical activity. That can put a tragic spin on moving into a retirement phase.

I used to think that retirement was really one of my ultimate goals but am beginning to rethink that. I want to daily pursue my passion. Doing something that is fulfilling, does not draw me to desire retirement. It inspires me to make a positive impact on those around me for the betterment of all.

I have a tremendous desire to share conversations and messages of hope with others through children’s books and an adult, non-fiction book in the works. It is deeply important to get people engaged in living intentionally, having life changing conversations and behaviors that will bring healing to those suffering from both mental and spiritual illnesses and give people reason to have hope by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The world is so full of messages and slick deliveries. It seems that everyone wants your time and your dime, for you to follow them or subscribe to their work, to in some way make them feel validated or enhance their financial portfolio. I think it’s very important to choose our messaging wisely, to never retire from the mission of inspiration and to maintain focus.

We’ve all been to the optometrist and had them make adjustments to determine our best prescription if we need vision correction. Part of what they always ask us is, “better here or here?” You might see about the same between two different settings but one is generally sharper than the other.

To inspire, we must keep looking through the sharpest and best prescription possible, that of Hope. We shouldn’t motivate through fear but lead by being clear that Christ provides us hope. By following the precepts that He demonstrated and learning His heart, we can Inspire others no matter what our age, ability level, socioeconomic status or other factors.

I want children to live without fear and their parents to live without hate. I want grandparents to be respected and the unborn cherished. I want people to know why they’re here and be able to give a reason for the hope that is within them as the Bible tells us we should be able to do.

A life well-lived doesn’t stop when one transitions from a 40+ hour a week job. Sometimes, in fact, that full-time job may have been your small beginning and simply a launchpad for something beyond what you can ask or imagine.

And if you look around and find yourself alone, I challenge you to inspire yourself. That’s right, talk to yourself. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Do something that feeds your spirit and your soul and exercises your body. For until you become your own friend and advocate, how can you be those things to and for others?

Live well today, My Friends!

God bless you and may He bring forward the creativity He placed in you long ago so that you can be an inspiration today.

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