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We’re God’s Children…Not His Adults

As I was scrolling through my photos, I came across this gift from my child for my last birthday. It caused me to think of what Reverend Jesse Duplantis says, “We’re God’s children, ladies and gentlemen, not his adults.”

As I looked at what types of gifts I was offered on this piece of paper, I saw a combination of options that offered time together and those of service or tasks to be completed. It made me reflect on something that I am currently in the process of getting better at…being…and not having such a laser focus on doing.

Of course faith without works is dead. Yet, it is also true that if we don’t spend time getting to know our Heavenly Father and how to become His restful children, we miss the mark greatly! Being a recovering type A personality, I tend to find significance in performance or execution and completion of tasks. In school, it was always my goal to make an ‘A’ grade.

But lately, listening to many wise men of God and the message He is sending through them, people such as Dr. Bruce Allen, the message has been very clear that it is critical to learn to rest in God as these end times are upon us. If we don’t rely on him and we look to ourselves, we will be let down, as we are not strong enough or wise enough on our own to navigate. That is not merely my opinion. The Bible tells us that God’s ways and thoughts are higher than our own and that if we lack wisdom we should ask because He will freely give it to us. If we didn’t need his help he wouldn’t offer it.

I also think that we rob God of being the Father who wants to show His love through providing and guiding. When our children just allow us to bless them, we find great joy and passion in that. However, when it’s a struggle and they want to do everything on their own because they know everything, it brings about sorrow and disappointment in the parent’s heart. I am determined to learn to rest. Sometimes I want to scream out because it is so uncomfortable to just sit in His presence and feel His love, as distraction and self-affirming performance can become quite intoxicating.

But just as I’ve been learning that forgiveness and healing can sometimes need daily focus and that there is no shame in that, I believe that learning to get into and remain at rest will be the same way for me and probably many others like me; and that is okay.

I think one of the greatest tools that Satan uses is distraction. If we are running around with our heads busy, our hearts disturbed and our bodies fatigued, what a victory for him because we have lost focus on connection with the Source of Our Strength and Very Breath.

To truly believe that He loves us, sings songs over us, and delights in us just hanging out with Him will bring victory beyond what we can expect or imagine.

Let’s learn to play and revel in time with our Father. Really, that is what matters. When we learn these things, our perspectives will be His perspectives. We will see with His eyes, hear with His ears and have the heart of compassion that is critical for changing the world for eternal good. All the while, we are less stressed, healthier, more joyful, at peace and happy. I don’t see the downside here.

Blessings, my friends!

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