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I was enriched and encouraged today to read, Full Circle, by Athena Dean Holtz (Redemption Press, 2017). It is virtually unheard of for me to sit and read an entire book in one day; but having watched her in an online video and spoken with her, I was beyond intrigued. So affirming is her story of God’s redemption.

I found too that we share some of the same personality traits and the difficulties inherent therewith. God blessed me with inspiration and understanding that my Achilles heel may always be there and to not be discouraged or think that I’m less than because of this reality. I also received deeper healing and revelation in key areas.

Healing, like forgiveness, may be a multi-faceted and day after day journey; or it may come in a moment. For me, it’s often not been the latter. The wonderful news is that God brings the right circumstances and people together when I’m able to receive and give; and He’s never surprised by how long it takes.

When we stop trying to do everything to perfection and in our own strength, we can take our rightful place and stop trying to usurp that of the Almighty. He doesn’t need our help, nor does He ask for it, in the way our behaviors suggest.

How restful it is when we surrender and allow Him to reveal not only where we need healing but also to trust that He is a good Father who is interested in our wholeness. If I believe, really and truly believe, that He is Love, then I’m left with the knowledge that He wants me to exist in a state of being healed, healthy and whole.

Nothing is impossible with God. He is the Healer of the Broken and Rest for the Weary.

I can say from experience that the times I’m at rest, allowing His healing to take place and fleeing the distractions, life is much more livable. I choose life to the fullest tonight as I prepare to rest.

May you choose to live in the realm of His rest and healing in this very moment!

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