Christian Life

At the Brink of Dawn

Have you ever been awake and observing your surroundings just before the blackest night is moved by the Light of Day? Notice I called this the brink of dawn rather than the break of dawn. At such a moment, it is the darkest of skies and the coldest in temperature since the sun has been held in abeyance for several hours. You have faith that the light will come back, shine, illuminate and warm you and your surroundings based on years of experience. You’re on the brink of expectation.

However, when you’re at the brink of anything, it can be very uncomfortable. You might be shivering because of the cold or feel lost because you can’t see clearly. It might feel like you are on the edge of a cliff just teetering. Sometimes in those moments, you long for the proverbial sunlight to break through or a helicopter with a rope to come fly over head so you can climb up and fly away from the trouble.

Do you remember in the biblical account where there was such a tremendous stor, the disciples were terrified and Jesus was asleep in the boat? That is a great picture to me of where fear and faith are right next to each other and are about to collide. The disciples had heard Jesus say to them very clearly that they were going to the other side and they were very familiar with all of his miraculous signs and wonders.

I wondered for a long time why it would be so hard to trust when you had Christ right there in the flesh with you. It seemed like they should be great men of faith, right? Yet how often can we all be bamboozled by what we have immediately in view?

You see, they had so many years of experience with the destruction such a tumultuous storm could bring, especially those amongst them who were fishermen. So, while they knew that Jesus had always come through, their natural mind was at war, not knowing if the promise or the seemingly inevitable reality win out.

So while I always thought that they should be such great men of faith because they saw Jesus in physical form and all of his miracles firsthand, how quickly can we discount the awesomeness and magnificence of that which becomes familiar or comes in familiar form? If I can see it, touch it, hear it, taste it or in any other way experience it through my senses, than does whatever the miraculous is become shrunken down to my size or smaller in my perception?

What about when we can’t perceive something through our natural senses and that which we do perceive is the proverbial cold, dark, edge of cliff living? When all Job could see was the destruction of everything he had ever known and the naysayers telling him he must be a great sinner, his wife telling him to curse God and die, he had really only two choices. But those two choices were enough and absolutely life changing. If he chose faith rather than reality, he was left to stand alone. If he chose to denounce God, he would have gone down a path of irreconcilable destruction.

So at times in our lives, where we have two choices and one is faith, the latter doesn’t always seem like a logical choice. In fact I suppose it could be argued that in many instances faith would seem to be the absolute opposite of logic. That’s when you get what’s called Crazy Faith!

I am at the point of having Crazy Faith. To borrow a phrase from Dr. Jesse Duplantis, ” I’m not braggin’ on that.” You see, I have no other choice really. Like many of you who are facing some mystifying and seemingly insurmountable challenges, I had two options. I have since removed one of those and am left with Crazy Faith because I’ve seen His goodness in the land of the living.

If God were not to hear and answer, I would be in big trouble. The enemy has been coming around like a roaring lion for a very long time trying to devour. If you notice however, he is merely like a roaring lion. Jesus Christ, who in the natural realm descended from the tribe of Judah, is known as the Lion of Judah.

You see Satan can only counterfeit, not create; and he fools a lot of people with his act, such as when his magicians’ rods turned into snakes in the Bible just as Aaron’s rod did by the power of the Almighty. Just as they train federal employees to recognize a counterfeit note by studying the originals produced at The Treasury, if we keep our focus on the Lord and study His Word, we will be able to know what is true and right and know that we are left with really only one option if we want to see and experience true freedom, a life beyond what we could imagine.

So I have chosen to follow the Lord, who is always true and whose Word is consistent and dependable in the face of Satan parading around counterfeits of power and control. One of my favorite phrases when I’m trying to encourage a colleague who is new to management is, “They can’t kill me today.” That’s sort of a variation on Philippians 4:13 for me. When no one is around to encourage you, start praising the Lord and the Holy Spirit will encourage you if you are a servant of the Most High. If you are not, I implore you to become one today by confessing your sins and asking Christ to be your Lord and Savior.

So I’m right in the part of my story where it seems coldest in some ways as well as darkest. But what I’ve learned is, that means hold on because I am on the brink of the dawn; and when it breaks, it’s going to stun everybody around…They will be drawn to the Miraculous God Who we will all say has done great things!

Happy Saturday, Friend!

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